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A New Relationship in CO


We woke up bright and early Friday morning, I enjoyed a cup of hot coffee while she got a new coat of chain lube. We both packed into the car and started our journey down to SW Colorado. It is not that common for a company that you buy a product from to host an annual get together at an amazing location and provide one heck of a party. Well this summer, 2 weeks after I met my brand new Yeti bicycle, we headed down to Durango, CO to ride with other "Yeti Freaks". More than 175 of us took our loved ones and went on a 30 mile adventure on Molas Pass. We cried together on the uphills at an altitude over 10,000 feet and screamed in joy during the downhills. So be it a new relationship, taking an adventure with friends and family, or trying new things with people you met for the first time playing in the outdoors is a perfect way to experience life together.

**Update - It is now 5 months later and we are still happily together.

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