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Fun In Fruita!


The North Fruita Desert BLM campgrounds are the perfect spot to bring the family and enjoy some biking, camping and beautiful scenery. The campgrounds (approx 35 sites) are first come first serve, so weekends are usually packed. But if you get a spot, you'll find yourself right in the middle of an incredible system of flowing, single track trails. The less technical trails are perfect for taking the kids out and learning how to ride, as you can find less steep terrain, that is relatively smooth, hard pack dirt. It's also a great place for cooler months, as it is situated in Colorado's high desert plains. This is a video of my 4 1/2 yr old son practicing his balance, braking and of course learning how to fall. We taught him how to ride a bike the week before on flat terrain, so this was his first true mountain bike experience, and now it's all he can talk about. It's never too early to ride!

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